24 tributes were Reaped to compete in the 1st Annual Hunger Games. The Reapings began in District 1, before concluding in District 12 just after midday. 

District Male Age Female Age
One Derek Luthe 17 Dimity Mexx 16
Two Gino Plough 16 Cyra Vonn 13
Three Ace Brox 14 Nyx Vexon 14
Four Heath Steal 15 Meeka Silver 17
Five Kipp Mullen 13 Leia Brear 12
Six Vito Auld 16 Serena Mercer 15
Seven Flax Morris 17 Rhea Megony 13
Eight Birch Wyatt 15 Mylee Flax 14
Nine Coil Burr 18 Allix Blester 16
Ten Diaz Fletcher 18 Purity Owper 17
Eleven Soren Vincon 14 Violet Knox 18
Twelve Ceres Durst 18 Wren Kaeling 14

Training Scores

The training scores were all over the place, some did exceptionally well, while others proved to be boring to the Gamemakers. The highest score for the males went to Gino Plough (2) with a score of 10, while the lowest score for the men went to Birch Wyatt (8) with a score of 4. In the females, Rhea Megony (7) got the highest score of 9, while the lowest score went to Purity Owper (10) with a score of 3.

The 1st Annual Hunger Games 


The arena was designed as a 'replica' of the ruins of District 13, which had supposedly been obliterated by the Capitol at the conclusion of the Dark Days rebellion. The arena included intact but precarious buildings, the Justice Building with blackened walls, smoking ashes and dark pits. There were no trees in sight, just blackened stumps that jutted from the ground every now and then, nor animals or other plants. The only sources of water were available from whatever the scarce rain provided, or the water from the Cornucopia. The Cornucopia was placed at the foot of the Justice Building. The arena was dark for a majority of the time, the only thing that indicated daylight was the sound of a clock from the Justice Building at noon and night. 


Muttations were designed in the form of dead District 13 citizens, with ashen skin, dark eyes and sharp teeth. They had a powerful lust for flesh, although they would not pounce on a tribute if he/she had not disturbed their resting place (which for most was the Cornucopia).

Cornucopia Contents


Swords, Knives, Spears, Mallet, Sickles, Bow and Arrow, Mace, Slingshots


Apples, Dried Fruit, Dried Beef, Crackers, Water, Bread


Waterskins/bottles, Night-Vision Goggles, Sleeping Bags, Matches, Iodine, Blankets, Gloves, Body Armor, Rope, Wire, First Aid Kits


There were two types of backpacks readily available for the tributes

  • Black Backpack: Iodine, Waterskin, Serrated Knife, Beef Strips, Crackers, Slingshot, Night-Vision Goggles
  • Yellow Backpack: Waterskin, Crackers, Mixed Roots, Wire

Feast Contents

The Feast was held on the 9th day at the Cornucopia, and attracted most of the remaining tributes. It's contents included chocolate cake, water, orange juice, soup, fruit, vegetables, medicine, chicken and roast groosling.

sponsor parachutes were sent during the Games. The contents included a shield, water, bread, cookies, matches and 2 knives.


The Games


The Games lasted for 11 days


  • Day 1: Bloodbath
  • Day 2: Muttations Released
  • Day 4: Rainstorm
  • Day 6: Muttations Removed
  • Day 7: Landmine Explosion
  • Day 9: Feast
  • Day 11: Victor Declared

Cause of Deaths

Bloodbath Deaths

Eight tributes died during the Bloodbath: Nyx Vexon, Kipp Mullen, Serena Mercer, Birch Wyatt, Coil Burr, Purity Owper, Wren Kaeling and Ceres Durst

Muttation-Caused Deaths 

Four tributes died from Muttation Attacks: Cyra Vonn, Vito Auld, Allix Blester and Soren Vincon

Natural Deaths

Three tributes died from Natural Causes: Meeka Silver, Rhea Megony and Violet Knox

Feast Deaths

Two tributes died during the Feast: Heath Steal and Flax Morris

Combat Deaths

Six tributes died during Combat: Dimity Mexx, Gino Plough, Ace Brox, Leia Brear, Mylee Flax and Diaz Fletcher


The Victor of the 1st Annual Hunger Games was Derek Luthe, a 17 year old male from District 1. He counted up to 4 kills by using a knife, and owned a training score of 9. 

Death Chart

The following is a chronological death chart, showing their place, tribute, district, killer and day.

Place Name Age District Killed By With Day
24th Purity Owper 17 10 Landmine // BB
23rd Kipp Mullen 13 5 Heath Steal Mallet BB
22nd Ceres Durst 18 12 Birch Wyatt Mace BB
21st Birch Wyatt 15 8 Heath Steal Mallet BB
20th Nyx Vexon 14 3 Vito Auld Knife BB
19th Coil Burr 18 9 Cyra Vonn Spear BB
18th Wren Kaeling 14 12 Dimity Mexx Knife BB
17th Serena Mercer 15 6 Heath Steal Mallet BB
16th Dimity Mexx 16 1 Soren Vincon Bow and Arrow 1
15th Vito Auld 16 6 Mutts // 2
14th Soren Vincon 14 11 Mutts // 2
13th Gino Plough 16 2 Derek Luthe Knife 2
12th Cyra Vonn 13 2 Mutts // 3
11th Meeka Silver 17 4 Infection // 4
10th Ace Brox 14 3 Derek Luthe Knife 4
9th Allix Blester 16 9 Mutts // 5
8th Rhea Megony 13 7 Dehydration // 5
7th Leia Brear 12 5 Diaz Fletcher Sickle 6
6th Mylee Flax 14 8 Violet Knoxx Slingshot 7
5th Violet Knoxx 18 11 Infection // 8
4th Flax Morris 17 7 Heath Steal Sword 9
3rd Heath Steal 15 4 Derek Luthe Knife 9
2nd Diaz Fletcher 18 10 Derek Luthe Knife 11
1st Derek Luthe 17 1 // // //