The Hunger Games were a brutal competition which took place annually in the country of Panem. Each year, the various Districts of Panem must offer up in tribute one young man and woman between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight to the death in a televised arena, after being prepped and trained a week prior. The Games are a mandatory viewing for all of the country. The last living tribute is declared the Victor and is allowed to live in comfort in their home district. 

Here we have a detailed list of all of the Hunger Games in Panem's history. Starting with the 1st and going onwards, our goal is to provide a detailed overview of the Games- including information about the Arena, the deaths, the bets made, the muttations, and every little detail in between. 

Let the Games Begin

The Games

List of the Lost Games

The Games listed in this section are ones that haven't had a confirmed Victor, therefore have a lot of creative ability within them. The Victors and Tributes of these Games are important, however, because they have shaped the way we see the Hunger Games Today.

Early Years (1ADD-15ADD)

  • 1st Annual Hunger Games | Victor: 
  • 2nd Annual Hunger GamesVictor:
  • 3rd Annual Hunger Games | Victor:
  • 4th Annual Hunger Games
  • 5th Annual Hunger Games
  • 6th Annual Hunger Games
  • 7th Annual Hunger Games
  • 8th Annual Hunger Games
  • 9th Annual Hunger Games
  • 10th Annual Hunger Games
  • 11th Annual Hunger Games // Victor: Mags Cohen, District 4
  • 12th Annual Hunger Games
  • 13th Annual Hunger Games
  • 14th Annual Hunger Games
  • 15th Annual Hunger Games

Quarter Era (16ADD-25ADD)