Marvin Gyatt

Marvin Gyatt is a citizen from the Capitol and the Head Gamemaker of the 1st Annual Hunger Games.


Age: 27 | Birthday: December 14, 28BDD | Height: 174cm / 5'8" | Weight: 62kg / 136lb

Occupation: Capitol Spy / Gamemaker | Education: attended school 

The Dark DaysEdit

Marvin was approached by President Finch in the early weeks of the Dark Days rebellion. He worked as a Capitol spy for a majority of the war, discovering cryptic messages that were being sent between the Districts. At the end of the Rebellion, and upon the announcement of the Games, President Finch asked Marvin if he would design the map for the Games. He was given the title of 'Gamemaker'.

1st Annual Hunger GamesEdit

In order to honour the abolishment of District 13, Marvin designed the arena to simulate the ruins of the city. He included a Justice Building, rubbled huts and burned forests. As for traps, he ensured to have