Gino Plough (16), at the Reaping

Gino Plough is a male citizen from District 2 and a tribute in the 1st Annual Hunger Games.


The Basics

  • Name: Gino Plough
  • Pronunciation: gee-no
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: January 15, 16BDD
  • Gender: male
  • District: two
  • Occupation: n/a
  • Height: 174cm | 5'4"
  • Weight: 42kg | 92lb
  • Appearance: thick jet black hair, tanned skin, brown eyes, strong physique
  • Personality: he has a very wild personality, often referred to as "crazy" or a "maniac". He doesn't appear to have a moral conscience and will more often than not offend people around him.
  • Strengths: he has a powerful stride, and can run very fast. Because of his upbrining, he has strong arms and legs.
  • Weaknesses: swimming is something that Gino cannot adapt to.


Gino Plough was born in District 2, to a family of 8. His parents were Peacekeeper trainers, and because of this they influenced the way Gino exercised and ate. He was never allowed to eat any of the foods from the market, despite his ability to afford them. At school, Gino was rowdy and trouble-making, whether it be in class or in the yard. His friends would often be frightened about his actions.

During the Dark Days, Gino's parents kept all of the children in their house and refused to let them leave. His oldest sister was in charge of taking produce from the vegetable garden that the neighbourhood shared. Gino was in charge of running into town to get updates about the rebellion. His father was called into combat and survived. 

After the Dark Days and the announcement of the Hunger Games, Gino's youngest sister went missing, and it is unknown why. His mother made comment that it could have been because the thought of "fighting to the death" in the Hunger Games, and her chances of being chosen, frightened her so much. 

Games Information

  • Weapon: spear
  • Secondary Weapon: mace
  • Fears: water, explosions and heights
  • Token: n/a

Game Statistics

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