District 11 Seal
District 11 
is one of the poorer of the thirteen districts of Panem. Their industry is agriculture: orchards, fields of wheat, and cotton surround the District. Almost everything they grow is sent to the Capitol; despite the major starvation problem, if a citizen is found eating crops they are whipped in the town square.

According to a recent census, District 11 has a population of 138,546 people.


Some of the jobs that are available in District 11 include:

  • Sorter
  • Irrigator
  • Farmhand
  • Harvester
  • Gardener


The District is located around Atlanta, just south of District 12. Evidence of this is that the District was comfortably warm while in 12 snow was falling.


District 11 tributes tend to be unprepared for the Games, although some occupational skills can be useful in the arena. These include things like jumping from trees or climbing tall heights.

Known Tributes