Dimity Mexx / Reaping

Dimity Mexx is a female citizen from District 1 and a tribute in the 1st Annual Hunger Games.


The Basics

  • Name: Dimity Mexx
  • Pronunciation: Dim-it-ee
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: April 12, 16BDD
  • Gender: female
  • District: one
  • Occupation: sweetshop cashier
  • Appearance: wavy brown hair, turquoise eyes, semi-tanned skin and a thin physique.
  • Personality: very bubbly and eager to make friends, although can be timid at times.
  • Strengths: long distance running is a strength that comes naturally to her.
  • Weaknesses: swimming and climbing are both difficult for her to maintain speed with. She doesn't have large amounts of arm strength, either.


Dimity Mexx was born into a small family of 4 living in the square of District 1. Her parents were the owners of the sweetshop, of which they lived above in a small apartment. Her older brother was an avid runner and would often take Dimity with him when he went to track classes at school. Because of this, she picked up the skill quickly and enjoyed running alongside her brother. 

During the Dark Days, Dimity and her parents were working in the sweetshop when they were alerted that her brother had been injured from a landmine explosion. District 1 had only just begun rebelling when the Dark Days were drawing to a close. Her brother died from an infected leg wound three days after the explosion. Dimity's parents were severely devastated; closing the sweetshop and vowing to never return.

Games Information

  • Weapon: throwing knives.
  • Secondary Weapon: bow and arrow.
  • Fears: darkness.
  • Token: a small, silver heart-shaped pendant.

Game Statistics

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