Derek Luthe / Reaping

Derek Luthe is a male citizen from District 1 and a tribute in the 1st Annual Hunger Games.


The Basics

  • Name: Derek Luthe
  • Pronunciation: Der-eck
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: March 23, 17BDD
  • Gender: male
  • District: one
  • Occupation: goldsmith
  • Height: 182cm / 5'9"
  • Weight: 53kg / 116lb
  • Personality: outgoing and witty, he can make friends with ease and is at his best when in social situations. 
  • Strengths: naturally, he has amazing accuracy. Because of his work at the goldsmith, he has built up a lot of strength in his arms and back.
  • Weaknesses: because of the events of the Dark Days, he has a hard time with his memory. 


Derek Luthe was born into a poor family living in District 2. He doesn't recall much about his past life, concerning his parents and siblings. 

During the Dark Days, Derek's house was severely damaged from a fire-bomb that had been dropped on the outer rings of villages in District 2. His father was injured and his mother was killed. Rebels from the District escorted him to the train station, ushering him onto a rebel-driven train headed to District 1. The train was filled with children from different Districts of Panem, all seeking refuge somewhere safer (which, at the time, was District 1). His memory was cleared after a rebel made him drink a serum prior to stepping off the train, an attempt to give Derek a "fresh start". He was welcomed to stay with a middle-class family living in the middle of the District, who already had two daughters relatively Derek's age.

Games Information

  • Weapon: sword.
  • Secondary Weapon: mallet.
  • Fears: large bodies of water.
  • Token: star-shaped pendant carved from wood.

Game Statistics

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