Cyra Vonn / Reaping

Cyra Vonn is a female citizen from District 2 and a tribute in the 1st Annual Hunger Games.


The BasicsEdit

  • Name: Cyra Vonn
  • Pronunciation: Sigh-Rah
  • Age: 13
  • Birthday: December 18, 14BDD 
  • Gender: female
  • District: two
  • Occupation: apothecary worker
  • Height: 147cm | 4'7"
  • Weight: 39kg | 85lb
  • Appearance: long blonde hair, pale skin, wide blue eyes, thin physique, very long legs and arms
  • Personality: she is usually a passive person, although when situations call for it, she can be angry and violent. During one of her violent outbreaks, she can stay furious for weeks.
  • Strengths: she has the natural ability to hit a target, although has only practiced this with the likes of home-made balls made of twine and leaves. 
  • Weaknesses: despite the fact that she has very long legs, she has an inability to run fast. 


Cyra Vonn was born in District 2, into a family that consisted only of her mother and father. When she was three, her younger brothers were born, followed by her younger sister two years later. She grew fond of her siblings and was often in charge of them, due to her parents duties working as Peacekeepers for the Capitol. Cyra's aunt was the main figure in her life, she owned an apothecary shop in the middle of District 2. 

During the Dark Days, both Cyra's mother and father were sent off to work longer hours in the Capitol. It wasn't until much later on that she found out they'd both been killed while on duty in District 10. The house that Cyra and her siblings were living in during the Dark Days was bombed just moments after District 2 declared its participation in the war. Both her brothers were killed from the impact, and Cyra was left badly wounded. She dragged herself and her sister, whom also suffered wounds from shrapnel, to the apothecary shop and begged for help. Her aunt took them both in, and the women of the shop assisted Cyra back to health. Her sister, who was merely 8 years old, passed away a few days after arriving at the apothecary. 

After the Dark Days had concluded, Cyra began working at the shop with her aunt and the other women. She learned plenty about healing and remedies to use, and according to her aunt, she "had the healing touch".

Games InformationEdit

  • Weapon: sword
  • Secondary Weapon: spear
  • Fears: loud explosions
  • Token: a silver pin in the shape of basil leaves, given to her from her aunt

Game StatisticsEdit

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