• Woahdair


    April 20, 2014 by Woahdair

    24 tributes were Reaped to compete in the 1st Annual Hunger Games. The Reapings began in District 1, before concluding in District 12 just after midday. 

    District Male Age Female Age
    One Derek Luthe 17 Dimity Mexx 16
    Two Gino Plough 16 Cyra Vonn 13
    Three Ace Brox 14 Nyx Vexon 14
    Four Heath Steal 15 Meeka Silver 17
    Five Kipp Mullen 13 Leia Brear 12
    Six Vito Auld 16 Serena Mercer 15
    Seven Flax Morris 17 Rhea Megony 13
    Eight Birch Wyatt 15 Mylee Flax 14
    Nine Coil Burr 18 Allix Blester 16
    Ten Diaz Fletcher 18 Purity Owper 17
    Eleven Soren Vincon 14 Violet Knox 18
    Twelve Ceres Durst 18 Wren Kaeling 14

    The training scores were all over the place, some did exceptionally well, while others proved to be boring to the Gamemakers. The highest score for the males we…

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