The 1st Annual Hunger Games Arena

The 1st Annual Hunger Games took place in 1ADD (meaning, 'after Dark Days', a rebellion that tore apart the nation of Panem) when the Treaty of Treason was signed and a new era was born. The Hunger Games were brought forward as punishment for the rebels and a reminder of the Capitol's dominence over the districts. Each year, the various Districts of Panem are forced to offer up in tribute one young man and woman between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight to the death until only on remains. The lone Victor, whom would be showered with wealth, would serve as a reminder of the Capitol's forgiveness and generosity. The Games were to be broadcast on live television, as a form of entertainment for the Capitol citizens. 



The Reapings were the first to take place in the lead up to the Games. 24 tributes were elected from a pool of 12 to 18 year olds from each of the 12 Districts of Panem. District 1 was the first to host the ceremony. Each District held their Reapings respectively. 

District Females   Males        
One Dimity Mexx Derek Luthe
Two Cyra Vonn Gino Plough
Three Nyx Vexon Ace Brox
Four Meeka Silver Heath Steal
Five Leia Brear Kipp Mullen
Six Serena Mercer Vito Auld
Seven Rhea Megony Flax Morris
Eight Mylee Flax Birch Wyatt
Nine Allix Blester Coil Burr
Ten Purity Owper Diaz Fletcher
Eleven Violet Knoxx Soren Vincon
Twelve Wren Kaeling Ceres Durst

Tribute Parade

The Tribute Parade commenced on the night after the Reapings, allowing time for the stylists and prep teams to meet their tribute and prepare them for the chariot ride. Each tribute was dressed in a costume that best reflected the industry of their District. 

  • Dimity Mexx / District 1